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Navigation Compass

Navigation Compass: A compass that merchants rely upon to find their way across the land. Required to upgrade the Airship Dock.


The magical Crystallizer polishes items to higher degrees. Crystallizers are needed to upgrade your Atelier.
Ceremonial chalice

Ceremonial Chalice

Ceremonial Chalice: A ceremonial item required for elven prayers. Required to upgrade the Arcane Sanctum.

Mystic Hammer

A drawfen Hammer that infuses buildings with magical power. Use Mystic Hammers to raise buildings to Lv 25.

It is also used for all Castle upgrades.


Smelting Anvil

A special Anvil for forging fine equipment. Required to upgrade the Smithy.
Ceremonial stone

Ceremonial Stone

Ceremonial Stones are used to convert soul energy into blessings. They are needed to upgrade your Altar.

Ancient Dragon Egg

A fossilised dragon egg dug up from an archaeological site. Reauired to upgrade the Chapel.
War manual

War Manual

War brings death, but united we shall stand. War Manuals are needed to upgrade your Battle Hall.
Runic seal

Runic Seal

Carved all over the ancient runes meant to cut off energy. Runic Seals are needed to upgrade your Prison.

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