There are two types of trades you can do in the Airship Dock. First, the Clan Trade: your airship will travel to another city and trade resources for Diplomacy Items. Second, the Merchant Airship: a merchant airship will dock at your city every 8 hours, and you can trade your resources and Upgrade Building Items for other resources and Speed Ups they bring.

Merchant AirshipEdit


Everytime the Merchant Airship docks at your city, they will bring 4 resources trade offers for you: one asking food, one asking wood, one asking stone and one asking gold, in varying amounts, and 2 products trade offers, asking for random Upgrade Building Items in varying amounts. They will give you more resources (of the same type or of different type) or Speed Ups in exchange for those.

The amounts asked or given vary according to your city development. For example, if you have just started, the merchant ship will ask for less resources than if you already have a greatly developed city, and therefore greater resource sources.

Player tip: when you start the game, the Upgrade Building Items are not as required as they will be in the future. To upgrade certain buildings you will have to have those items in great quantity, so you might want to use them only if the trade is really advantageous, or perhaps just save them for the future.

When an exchange is complete, there is a chance of a $0.99 pack will become available. If you buy this pack, you have a chance of winning the Grand Clan Reward.

CLAN TRADE: The merchant citiesEdit

City Emblem Trade Products available for purchase
Steambeards City
Steambeards shield
Pulley Absinthe Metal gears
Nightspear City
Nightspears shield
Pulley Absinthe Neurotoxin
Sunsinger City
Sunsingers shield
Wooden Charcoal Blessed seeds
Kingsdor City
Kingsdor shield
Honey Training Horse tack
Bloodbite City
Bloodbite shield
Nail Cinder Animal
Flamehammer City
Flamehammer shield
Nail Cinder Gunpowder barrel
Anthropos City
Anthropos shield
Honey Training Alloy
Moonseeker City
Moonseeker shield
Wooden Charcoal Herbal Ritual Ggg
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