Sunsingers shield

Race: Elven

Symbols: Trees, sun, stags

Clan Troops: Ranged

In ancient times, the elves used to have a powerful country with highly developed magic, but the civil war that broke out over the misuse of magic split the elves into two groups. The Sunsingers wish to protect the environment, and focus on developing magic that is in harmony with nature.

Their way of living means that they have abundant resources, and luscious forests. They know how to manage their priorities, and only harvest wood in a sustainable manner. This is why they have a flourishing wood industry.

Building Style Edit

Carvings of nature

Main Cities Edit

Central: Sunray Fort

Trade Hub: Oak City

Relations Edit

Biased against Moonseekers and Steambeards because of their attitudes towards magical and tech research; the Sunsingers think that these two Clans have not taken into consideration the well being of other creatures in Vollandia.

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