Steambeards shield

Race: Dwarven

Symbols: Spanners, cogwheels, bearded faces, liquor barrels

Clan Troops: Gunners

These dwarves left the underground in order to look for various resources for tech research and to pursue trade with other Clans, and consequently developed into a mighty merchant organisation.

Important decisions are made by the council, and the council members are mostly dwarven, but also include some passionate researchers from other races.

Airship technology is now widespread thanks to the Steambeards, and once Airship tech development stabilized, this common trade vessel became the core of Steambeard economy. Hence, the Steambeards redeveloped their cities to better serve the Airship industry and trade. The Flamehammers and Sunsingers strongly oppose their research methods, because they disregard cost when it comes to research, and the research may even result in severe damages. This leads to various conflicts with them.

The dwarves tinker with hazardous substances so often that they’ve taken to installing metal pipelines in their buildings for ease of research, and to prevent their buildings from exploding. The Steambeards are now in a state of rapid development, and for convenience’s sake, have incorporated doorways in all directions to make manufacture and logistics easier. They have also built a dock that Airships can stop at easily, so that merchants can stop by to trade materials and resources.

The dwarves have a saying, “Experiments and creativity both need a solvent, and that solvent is alcohol!” The other races see dwarves as inseparable from their liquor, and think that their drinking habits affect their quality of work. But as a dwarven sage once said, “Alcohol is a good solvent for various things, but when you’ve run out of ideas, you need liquor to fuel your creativity.” And dwarven products have never failed to wow their customers.

Building Style Edit

Buildings modified with added pipes and buckets, and feature doorways on all four sides, as well as oak barrels.

Main Cities Edit

Central: Sawtooth Fort Trade Hub: Airdock City

Relations Edit

Maintains trade relations with all other Clans

Has a treaty with Kingsdor for defense.

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