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Speed Ups are items that influence time to complete constructions, training, forging, research, healing, harvest. There are two kinds of speed ups: boosts, that increase the process speed if activated before the process starts, and speed ups, that reduce the duration of a process that has already started and it's in the queue.

For example, if you use a training boost of 10% for one hour, during one hour, for all training you start the total time required to finish it will be reduced by 10%. Don't forget the boost needs to be active before the process start. If you activate it after the process start, the total time of the process will not change. Now, if the process has already started, and it takes 4 hours to complete, you can use a speed up of 3hrs to reduce the time of duration of the process in 3 hrs: it will take only one hour to complete.


Construction Boost (10%)
Research Boost (10%)
Training Boost (10%)
Harvest Boost (50%)
Forging Speed Up (10%)
Healing Speed Up (10%)

Speed UpsEdit

Speed up 1
Speed Up (1m)
Speed up 3
Speed Up (3m)
Speed up 5
Speed Up (5m)
Speed up 10
Speed Up (10m)
Speed up 15
Speed Up (15m)
Speed up 30
Speed Up (30m)
Speed up 60
Speed Up (60m)
Speed up 3h
Speed Up (3h)
Speed up 8h
Speed Up (8h)
Speed up 15h
Speed Up (15h)
Speed up 24h
Speed Up (24h)
Speed up 3d
Speed Up (3d)
Speed up 7d
Speed Up (7d)
Speed up 30d
Speed Up (30d)

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