When you scout a city, you will get info on the target's resources, army, brigades and defense heroes. The higher your Espionage level (see warfare), the more complete will be the info you will get.

If the target has an active shield or anti scout on, you won't be able to scout them.

Everytime you scout a target, they will get a message that you scouted them, so they might activate a shield, teleport or attack you first, so be carefull. 

Espionage Research Levels Edit

1: Obtain info on the village's leader, size of each Brigade type, and general Army info

2: Obtain rough info on target's food, wood and stone

3: Obtain info on target's food, wood, stone, estimated gold, player and guardian dragon

4: Obtain info on the exact size of each Brigade type, defense army, and rough number of each soldier grade

5: Obtain info on the village's defense army, and rough number of each soldier grade

6: Obtain info on target's exact gold quantity, estimated brigade size, estimated stationed Army size, and estimated Infirmary capacity

7: obtain info on target's estimated stationed army size, estimated alliance army size, and exact Sanctuary capacity

8: Obtain info on target's approximate quantity of each soldier grade in the army, and exact Infirmary capacity

9: Obtain detailed info on target's army, exact defending army sizze, detailed info on stationed army, and exact alliance army size

10: Obtain complete profile of target's city army

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