Research[edit | edit source]

You can research various kinds of tech and skills in the Sage Tower. Upgrade the Sage Tower to increase Research speed and unlock new tech. As your research progresses, your City’s economy, military, defense, and monster hunt capabilities will improve as well!

Your Research priorities will affect your City’s development and determine your position in Vollandia.

There are 9 types of research trees you can complete:

  1. Economy (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 1)
  2. Warfare (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 5)
  3. Human (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 9)
  4. Dwarven (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 13)
  5. Elven (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 17)
  6. Beastkin (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 21)
  7. Mystic Culture (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 22)
  8. Specter (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 23)
  9. Sunsinger (unlock at Sage Tower lvl 23)

On each of these trees there are several searches to be unlocked and completed. You should complete the first researches to unlock subsequent ones.

Available Researches[edit | edit source]

Economy Tree.png
Warfare Tree.png
Human Tree.png
Dwarven tree.png
Elven tree.png
Beastkin tree.png
Mystic Culture tree.png
Mystic Culture
Specter tree.png
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