Prestige War2

Prestige War is a seasonal event, when players from different kingdoms can migrate to K21 (Kingsvale) and in there fight for a fort (until now, only Horizon Capital and Silver Capital have been open yet).

The event is divided in two sessions of three ours each. In one session, some Kingdoms can take part in the war for the Horizon Capital, and in other session, other different Kingdoms can take part in the war for Silver Capital. Therefore, if you belong to a Kingdom, you must check if you are selected to first or to second session.

When Kingsvale is open, you use Teleporters to migrate next to the fort. A rally leader than tries to take over the fort, and other guild members fill this rally. After the fort is taken, it can be taken over by other rally leaders and so on. The leader that holds the fort for longest during this 3hrs window will be the winner of that session of PW.


  1. You will not be able to take part in the Prestige Wars if you migrate to a Kingdom outside of its allocated session during the event. If you wish to take part in the Prestige Wars, simply return to your original Kingdom before the event ends.
  2. During the event, use a Teleporter to teleport to Kingsvale.
  3. Require Castle lv 25 to participate.
  4. Earn 1 occupation point for every second you occupy the fort. Player with the highest points at the end gets the title of War Master.

Prestige ShopEdit

You can earn prestige coins by taking part in the Prestige Wars and killing enemy troops. Kill or injure one grade 4 enemy soldier within the fort to get one prestige coin. You can use them in the Prestige shop at the end of sessions, and buy Cavalry/Infantry/Ranged War Gems.


After the fort enter protection mode, titles can be distributed at the discretion of the War Master (leader winner of the fort):

  1. War Master: Army ATK +15% / Army DEF +10% / Army HP +10%
  2. High Censor: Help War Master confer titles
  3. High Consul: Army ATK +10% / Army DEF +10% / Training Speed +5%
  4. High Victor: Infantry ATK +10% / Cavalry ATK +10% / Army DEF +5%
  5. High Defender: Infantry ATK +10% / Ranged ATK +10% / Army DEF +5%
  6. High Marshal: Ranged ATK +10% / Cavalry ATK +10% / Army DEF +5%
  7. High Sage: Research Speed +10%
  8. High Builder: Construction Speed +10% / Army HP +3%
  9. High Trainer: Training Speed +8%
  10. High Harvester: Resource Harvesting Speed +15% / Army Max Load +10%
  11. High Hunter: Monster Hunt DMG +10% / Monster Hunt Travel Speed +10%
  12. Bandit: Army Max Load +5% / Resource Production -5%
  13. Smuggler: Supply Army Travel Speed +5% / Gold Production -5%
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