Background Story Edit

The player with their Guardian Dragon brings a new power into this war-torn land. Players have the ability to interact with various Clans, and are able to attack in all directions. The Clans are very curious about this mysterious new group, and are eager to send diplomats to communicate with the players.

Origins Edit

During ancient times when the Dragons were still active in Vollandia, the ancestors of the Clans would send diplomats to pursue knowledge from the Dragons, and gradually, people started gathering in the region and a town was formed, which developed into a city. As people from different Clans gathered there, they started coming up with special products in exchange for the Dragons’ wisdom; and started interacting with one another as well, and a common language was created.

When the Dragons mysteriously vanished from Vollandia, the Clans no longer had any reason to linger in that city, and returned to their own countries. Over thousands of years, the Dragons’ knowledge enabled the Clans to flourish, and they also started fighting among themselves. Eventually, the eight major Clans emerged.

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