Packs are a great way to earn gems, speed ups, soulstones, chests and other rare items. They are sold for your local currency, and take turns in the store. Every day there are new packages for you to take a look. What is your focus right now? Battling, heroes, construction, VIP points, research, trading? There are a great range of possibilities for you here!

Packs have upgrade after purchase: they first appear with fewer items and at lower cost. As you buy the first one,  another one with same type of prizes will appear on its place, with more items and at a higher cost. After leaving the store, some packs might restart.

Monthly Card

Super Value Packs

Powerful Heroes

Daily Rewards

Crystal Zone

Crystals Price Gift Pack that comes with it
420 $2 [Common] Gift Pack
1,200 $5 [Uncommon] Gift Pack
2,500 $10 [Uncommon] Gift Pack
5,400 $20 [Rare] Gift Pack
14,200 $50 [Epic] Gift Pack
33,000 $100 [Legendary] Gift Pack
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