Nightspears shield

Race: Beastkin (goblins)

Symbols: Snakes, spears

Clan Troops: Ranged

A beastkin Clan that is well known for being cunning, and subordinate to the Bloodbites; consists of mostly goblins and beastkin of small stature. They focus on killing enemies in the most efficient ways possible, and are excellent at ambushes and night attacks. They also have excellent working ties with the Steambeards due to their pursuit of finely crafted weapons.

How they cooperate with the Steambeards: the Steambeards provide them with experimental weapons, and the Nightspears would test them out during battles, and then inform the Steambeards of the results.

Building Style Edit

Despite being crudely constructed, they obviously still have a degree of craftsmanship about them, and look vaguely like poison breweries

Main Cities Edit

Central: Serpentine Fort

Relations Edit

They appear to be subordinate to the Bloodbite, but are actually willing to cooperate with many other Clans in the background

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