Kingsdor shield

Race: Human

Symbols: Unicorns, lances

Clan Troops: Cavalry

Kingsdor is the most populated country of all. It consists of mostly humans, but there are also a lot of other races making a living in Kingsdor. Magical studies require a very long time, and humans are relatively short lived, and hence are unable to get very far in magic. Despite this, Kingsdor has a well known magic academy that teaches humans how to use spells. There are Clans that look down upon what they deem “short cut” ways to learning magic though. Kingsdor and Flamehammer are steadfast allies, and Kingsdor also possesses the best cavalry in the land.

With such a huge population, Kingsdor also has a robust farming industry to support its own food needs. The country also shelters refugees that have escaped from war-torn regions.

Main Cities Edit

Central Unicorn Fort

Trade Hub Libran City

Relations Edit

Allies with Flamehammer

Diplomatic ties with Anthropos and Sunsingers

Steambeards: as long as the Steambeards did not initiate the battle, Kingsdor is willing to send troops to help defend them.

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