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Quick Tips

How do I raise my might?

You can train soldiers, construct and upgrade buildings, and research tech to raise your Might. When you upgrade buildings, you can see how much Might you stand to gain from the upgrade.

How do I protect myself?

Use a Shield to prevent people from attacking your City(if you have troops outside the City, they will not be protected). If your harvest army is attacked you can choose to recall them. Use the Random Teleporter or the Teleporter to quickly get away from dangerous locations (if you teleporters while you're being attacked, the enemy will be transported to your City instantly). Join a Guild, and then teleport to your guild members to protect yourself. Construct an Infirmary to reduce troop losses within the City.

How do I attack monsters?

Go to the world map, and use [Stamina] to deploy troops and Heroes to attack monsters.

How do I upgrade buildings?

When the roof of the level indicator next to the building turns green, it means that the building can be upgraded. Tap on the building, and the [Upgrade] button will appear below. Tap the button, and the upgrade interface will appear. Then tap on the upgrade button in that interface to upgrade the building.

How do I harvest resources?

Find a resource location in the Kingdom map, tap on it and then select [Harvest] to send out troops to harvest the resource; your army requires a period of time to finish harvesting. Once your army has finished harvesting, it will bring the resource back to your City. The higher your Army Max Load, the more resources your army can carry back to your City. 

How do I get free Crystals?

1. Be rewarded with Crystals when you join a Guild for the first time.
2. Participate in the Arena

3. Limited time events may offer large amounts of Crystals as prizes.
4. Take note of <Mobile Royale> fan page or forum events for chances to get Crystals as prizes.
5. During purchase events, you may get bonus Crystals when you purchase Crystals.
6. Link your account to earn Crystals.
7. Players have a chance of getting Crystals from Guild Gifts

Does leveling up the Castle do any good?

When your Castle reaches certain levels, you can deploy more brigades, troops, and Heroes, and various buildings will be unlocked (such as Clan Soulstone, Chapel, Airdock, etc). Tap on the "i" icon to find out more about the function of each building.

Newbie Guide

What kind of game is <Mobile Royale>?

<Mobile Royale> is a strategy game. You play as the lord ruling over your City. Do the following to increase your daily benefits: keep upgrading buildings, summon Heroes, train soldiers, research tech, harvest resources, join a guild, etc.

What Clans are there in <Mobile Royale>?

Kingsdor: mainly humans, welcoming to other Clans, possesses the best cavalry in the land. Symbols: horses, horse tack, lances;

=== Anthropos: consists only of humans, unfriendly towards non-humans, excellent at defense. Symbols: lions, griffins, sword and shield;
Sunsinger: possesses very advanced magic, internal conflicts over magic, prefers to dwell in harmony with nature. Symbols: the sun, stags;
Flamehammer: a dwarven Clan of stubborn people who are good at all kinds of craft; they have strict rules about who gets to govern them. Symbols: Hammers, anvils, war axes;
Steambeard: a Clan that has left the underground caves in its refusal to follow old ways of thinking, pursues materials and tech research, the founder of Airships, voluntarily trades with other Clans and has a strong trade organisation. Symbols: Pickaxes, spanners, beer mugs, cogwheels, bearded faces;
Bloodbite: a powerful, ancient beastkin Clan, cruel and vicious, believes that drinking blood enables you to inherit warrior spirits and strength. Symbols: Teeth, axes, animal pelts, wooden shields;
Nightspear: a beastkin Clan well known for being cunning, consists of goblins and small beastkin, specializes in poison and ranged attacks. Symbols: Teeth, animal pelts, spears, wooden shields;
Specter: spellcasters in search of undead magic to achieve immortality, their actions are mysterious and unlike the others, and they do not interact with the other Clans. Symbols: Corpses, will-o'-the-wisps, snakes, damaged items (torn flags, shattered bones). ===

How do I change my leader name?

There are two ways to change your name:

1. Tap on the [Bag] button in the game interface, and then select [Crystal Shop]. Purchase the [Name Permit] in the [Special] section.
After purchasing, the item will be placed inside your [Bag]. Tap on the "use" button for the item and then enter your new name. Then tap the OK button to finish changing your name.
2. Tap on your profile picture in the game interface, and then tap on the button below your name. If you have a Name Permit inside your bag, you can change your name right away. If not, you can spend 150 Crytals to purchase the permit and use it.
Note: your leader name and castle name are the same.

How does a new player use teleport?

Newly created characters will receive a Novice Teleporter that can be used to teleport your City to a different location within the same Kingdom, or to a location in another Kingdom.

Tap on the [Kingdom Overview] button in the lower left corner outside the City to enter the Kingdom map.
If you wish to enter a different Kingdom, tap on the World Map button to select the Kingdom you're interested in. In any Kingdom, tap on [an empty location] and then tap [Teleport] to teleport your City to that spot.

*The [Novice Teleporter] can only be used when your Castle is Lv 5 or below, and this item will vanish on the 7th day after your Mobile Royale account creation.

How do I check out other Kingdoms and teleport to them?

Tap on the [Kingdom Overview] button in the lower left corner outside the City to enter the Kingdom map, and then tap on the [World Map] button to enter the World map. Select the Kingdom you are interested in, and then tap to enter and check out the map info on that Kingdom.

To teleport to another Kingdom, you need a [Novice Teleporter] or [Teleportis Shards].
Tap on [an empty location] and then tap on [Teleport] to teleport your City to that spot.
*The [Novice Teleporter] can only be used when your Castle is Lv 5 or below, and this item will vanish on the 7th day after your Mobile Royale account creation.

What resources are there in the game?

There are 4 resources in-game: Food, Stone, Wood, Gold.

How do I increase the resources I can harvest?

Train higher grade troops at the Barracks, and deploy them to harvest resources to increase the max Load your army can carry. Each troop grade has a different Load attribute.

How do I earn Hero EXP?

Hero EXP can be earned via: Campaigns, Harvesting, EXP items, Monster Hunts, Clan Villages, and army battles.

How do I get Talent Points?

Raise the Leader Level to get Talent Points. Talent Points can be used to upgrade Military Talents or Economy Talents.

How do I earn Player EXP?

Player EXP can be earned via: Campaigns, City Goals, Diplomacy, Monster Hunts, Clan Villages, and army battles. 

How do I increase the number of armies I can have?

When your Castle levels up to Level 3, Level 5, Level 12, Level 19, and Level 25, you will gain one more army slot. 

How do I bookmark locations?

Tap on the button in the bottom left corner of the game interface to enter the Kingdom map, and then tap on any location. Tap on the save button in the pop-up window to save the location. Tap on the red bookmarks button on the right of the Kingdom map to search for saved locations.

What are the rules for free construction?

1. If you're a VIP, when the remaining construction or research time is less than your allocated free time limit, you can choose to instantly complete the construction or research.

2. There is no limit on the number of times you can use free time.
3. Raise your VIP level to increase the length of your free time limit.

What is the Trader Airship for?

You can send the Trader Airship to various Clans in the world map to trade with them. 

What is the Merchant Airship for?

The Merchant Airship will arrive at your City to engage in trade with you.

What is an assembly?

Players assemble to attack their enemies.

The player who calls for an assembly will select a period of time during which guildmates can join the assembly. When the assembly period is over, the resulting Alliance Army will set off to attack the enemy.
To call for an assembly, you need to have the building called "Battle Hall". The size of the assembly depends on the assembly caller's Battle Hall level.
Only the assembly caller may disband the Alliance Army. Armies taking part in the assembly cannot be recalled once they have set off. 

How do Backups work?

After you've constructed an Embassy, whenever enemies attack your Castle, your guildmates will send out troops to help defend you. The amount of backup troops you can get is related to your Embassy level. 

Do troops use up Food?

Troops do use up Food; but when there isn't enough Food, they won't starve to death either.

What's so great about occupying Villages?

Villages provide various boosts, and when you occupy two villages, you may activate a powerful active skill that gives an even stronger boost. This will help you develop even faster!

How do I cancel a building upgrade?

When a building is undergoing an upgrade, tap the building and a [Cancel] button will appear below it. When you tap the [Cancel] button, a pop-up window will appear, with a message asking you if you wish to cancel the process. Tap [OK] to cancel.

What happens if I level up a building to Lv 25?

Some buildings will get a bonus buff when they reach Lv 25. For example, when the Infirmary reaches Lv 25, you will gain a +25% HP boost for Heroes defending the City, and when the Vault reaches Lv 25, you get added protection for your Gold.

How do you accumulate points for "Regular Events" and "Hell Events"?

"Regular Events" and "Hell Events" have different requirements for point accumulation depending on your Castle level. Each event has three phases, and you will earn a reward if you manage to earn enough points to complete a phase. Complete the third phase in an event to get a ranking reward based on your final score.

What kind of Heroes should I nurture?

Every Hero has their own skills and unique traits. When they reach certain levels, they can unlock more skills. You can select a Hero that suits your own pattern of development (City based/military) and nurture them according to your priorities.

Is there something like a "bank" in the game, where I can deposit Crystals to get more in return?

There is a building called the [Atelier] in the game, and you can deposit Crystals in it and enjoy an interest rate. The more you deposit, the greater the interest rate. And if you purchase any pack, you will unlock [1-day Crystal Alchemy] and enjoy a special 20% high interest rate!

Do Heroes have a level cap?

1. When your player level is Lv 1-15, your Heroes' max level is Lv 15.

2. When your player level is Lv 16-60, your Heroes' max level is your current player level.
3. Currently, the highest possible Hero level is Lv 60.

I'm a newbie and I'd like some tips, please.

1. First, focus on developing your [Economy Talents], especially those that affect [Construction Boosts] or [Research Boosts];

2. If you have any materials, you can forge [Construction] and [Research] type equipment at the [Smithy]. These items will help you save a lot of time;
3. Keep tapping on Guild Help: not only will it help you and your Guildmates save time, it will also let you earn a lot of Guild Coins. Guild Coins can be used to purchase various items in the Guild Shop;
4. When regular or hell events are being held, upgrade your buildings or research based on the event's requirements. Complete event goals to win awesome rewards;
5. If you get into the rankings for Monster Hunts or regular/hell events, all your Guildmates will get rewards. Once you're ready, dive in!
6. Don't forget to take part in the events within the Guild facilities, because they do help you a lot with your development.

VIP Intro

How do I get VIP Points?

VIP Points can be earned via daily logins. The more daily logins there are in a row, the higher the VIP points earned. You can also tap on the [Get Points] button in the VIP interface to enter the purchasing interface, and then purchase and use relevant points items to raise your VIP level (a faster way to level up).

Alternatively, you can complete quests and take part in events to get VIP points.

How do I raise my VIP level?

There are 25 VIP levels in all. Increase your number of VIP points to the amount required for the next VIP level to raise your VIP level.

Why should I become a VIP player?

VIP players enjoy a lot of added benefits (eg. increased construction speed, resource boosts, travel speed boosts, option to claim all Guild Gifts, auto battle for Campaigns, unlimited use of Energy Rocks, unlimited attempts for elite Campaigns, army ATK, DEF, and HP boosts) that will allow VIP players to level up faster and get more Might.

Tap on the [VIP] button next to your profile pic to enter the VIP interface, and then check the drop menu to see the special benefits for each VIP level.

Guild Intro

How do I create a Guild?

In your City interface, there is a [Guild] button at the bottom. Tap the [Guild] button to open the Guild window, and then tap [Create Guild]. Set your Guild name, Guild tag, Guild language, and Guild Badge, and then tap [Create Guild] to create your Guild.

What's so great about joining a Guild?

The first time you join a Guild, you will be rewarded with Crystals; you can also make use of the various facilities inside the Floatress to engage in Clan trades, manufacture Artisan products, or train troops. 

What is the War Airship for?

You can hide troops inside the War Airship, or use it to take part in large scale battles, or launch an Assault by moving to a location near the War Airship, and save on movement cost. You can also join the Guild's Alliance Army to take part in large scale battles at specific locations. When you're in a large group, you have less to fear from enemies!

Under what circumstances will my Guild be disbanded?

Your Guild will be disbanded if any of the following occurs:

1. At regular intervals, the system will check the size of smaller Guilds. If your Guild has less than 30 members, the system will notify you that your Guild will be disbanded 7 days later. If your Guild still has less than 30 members 7 days later, it will be disbanded by the system.
2. The Guild Chief disbands the Guild.

What are the rules regarding items that appear in the Guild's [Craft Studio]?

Craft Studio items appear randomly. The items you can see also differ according to your Castle level.

How do I get Guild Gifts?

You can get Guild Gifts via the following 4 methods:

1. Purchase Mall packs
2. Killing monsters
3. Rank within the top 100 for hell or regular events
4. Accumulate Gift EXP to automatically win Guild Gifts

I'm not in the same Kingdom as my Guildmates. Can I still get Guild Gifts?

Yes, you can, but you can only get Guild Gifts via the following 3 methods:

1. When Guildmates in the same Kingdom kill monsters
2. Kingdom ranking rewards for Guild purchases and events
3. Accumulate Gift EXP to automatically win Guild Gifts

What level do I have to be in order to set up my own Guild?

There is no level requirement for setting up a Guild. You can even start right after completing your newbie tutorial.

Can Guild members fire their own Guild Chief?

Guild members can impeach their Guild Chief according to these rules:

1. If the Guild Chief has been offline for 3 days, the department members can impeach the Chief;
2. If the Guild Chief has been offline for 5 days, the department members and normal members can impeach the Chief;
3. To impeach the Chief, you need to use a "Guild Document". When you attempt to impeach the Chief, simply purchase and use the document in the pop-up window;
4. Impeachment takes place instantly. If more than one person attempts to impeach the Chief, the first person to do so will be successful, and the others will fail to use the document. 

Is there a limit to the number of Guild Gifts?

Each Guild member can claim up to 300 Guild Gifts at a time. If you have accumulated 300 unclaimed Guild Gifts, you will not get any more new Guild Gifts. So please remember to claim your Guild Gifts.

Does the Guild [Floatress] have any restrictions?

1. The Guild has to reach 30 members and 2,000,000 Guild Might to have access to the Floatress' features;

2. Currently, you can only have up to 3 facilities inside the Floatress;
3. Right now, there are two types of facilities: the Craft Studio and the Training Facility. Tap the [i] icon inside the [Floatress] to find out more.

If I don't log into the game for a long time, will the system kick me out of the Guild?

Yes, if you don't log into the game for too long, your account will be deemed an inactive account. After a period of time, you will be automatically removed from the Guild, and after yet another period of time, your City will be put into storage by the system. It will be returned to you when you log into the game again. To prevent this from happening, please log into the game regularly and game actively. 

Intro to Runes

What are Runes?

The Runes can be used to make Heroes even more powerful. They provide various boosts, which will give you a great advantage in battle.

Intro to Fort Wars

What are Fort Wars?

These are Clan wars that take place in each Kingdom. Players take part as Guild members, and have to join an Alliance Army to attack each Clan Fort. Once a Clan Fort is occupied, it will provide a powerful boost. 

Do I need to register for the Fort Wars?

Guilds participate in the Fort Wars. There is no need to register.

I don't have a Guild. Can I still attack the Forts?

Players without a Guild are unable to attack, scout, or form an alliance army against the Forts.

Can I switch Guild during the Fort Wars?

You can change your Guild during the Fort Wars. But note that if a player leaves a Guild that has occupied a Fort, all the troops inside the Fort will be disbanded and returned to their Cities. 

What are the basic rules for Fort Wars?

1. During the Fort Wars, the Forts will be open to attack at the same time (apart from the first Fort Wars in each Kingdom), but the time at which the battles end will not be the same. Hence, the reset period will be based on the last Fort to enter protection state;

2. The reset period is 120 hours;
3. Whether Forts are undergoing reset is determined by whether they are in a war state or protection state;
4. When the Fort Wars begin, all Forts will be in a neutral state and will not belong to any Guild. (Corresponding buffs will not be provided to previously occupying Guilds, unless the same Guild occupies the Fort again)
5. Buffs offered by Forts are obtained once the Guild has taken over the Fort, even before the Guild has successfully occupied the Fort;
6. The Guild occupying the Fort will have all rights to the Fort. The Guild Tag will be displayed next to the Fort name on the map;
7. Each Guild can own many Forts at the same time;
8. Players can change defense formations within the Fort directly.

Tell me more about the rewards and point system for the Fort Wars.

Grade Rewards:

1. Based on [the individual player’s] time spent in the Fort Wars, points will be allocated according to the grades and numbers of enemy troops killed / troops lost. Rewards will be awarded according to the number of points earned.
2. Grade rewards will be automatically placed in the player’s bag once the player accumulates enough points

Reward Pool:
1. The amount of gold placed in the reward pool will be calculated based on the troops lost by [all players] while competing for the Forts. And the amount of Gold distributed to each player will be determined by each player’s points ranking at the end of the Fort Wars.

Rules regarding points:
1. Player points will be calculated from the start of the Fort Wars, and will be reset once the Fort Wars end. They will not be retained for the next Fort Wars;
2. A player’s points will not be lost upon leaving the Guild or switching Guilds;
3. If a player changes Kingdoms during the Fort Wars, all of the player’s points and grade rewards will be reset (points are not valid across Kingdoms).

Intro to Clans

What are Diplomacy Requests?

Search for the entrance on the left of the [Supply Post] in the main screen. Collect and submit the items requested to complete Diplomacy Requests.

How do I unlock various Clans in [Diplomacy Requests]?

Complete various Clan chapters in the [Campaign] to unlock corresponding Clan Diplomacy Requests.

What are Diplomacy levels and Friendship?

Complete Diplomacy Requests to increase Friendship, and raise the levels of tech development (Civil and Military). Increase Friendship to raise Diplomacy levels and unlock tech switches, Clan Gift items, Clan Gift frequency, and other things.

What are Clan Ruins?

Complete elite chapters to unlock corresponding Clan Ruins. Upgrade Clan Ruins to increase the power of the Ruins. In the main screen, tap on [Arcane Sanctum] > [Ruins] > [i] to find out more.