Gargantor Edit

”Gargantor, the king of Anthropos, has never known a day's peace. He was born in a kingdom that suffered daily from war, raids, and rebellion. Faced with danger on all sides, Gargantor quickly learned the value of loyalty. Gargantor chose to wield a shield, to symbolize his determination to defend Anthropos. In the hands of Gargantor, the shield was a deadly weapon. His unique combat style and iron will allowed him to quell the rebellion, expel invaders, and secure the throne. After witnessing him in action, many took to calling him "Metal King".”

Active Skills Edit

Iron Bash (Army Skill) Edit

Deal DMG to target equal to 105/110/120/140/200% of Brigade ATK.

Shield Smash (Combat Skill) Edit

Split the giant shield in half, and swing them to the right and left, before smashing them into the ground to generate a massive force wave. Each hit deals 22% physical DMG, and increases Hero’s physical DEF by 35/40/45/50/70%.

Passive Skills Edit

Bastille (Hero: permanent) Edit

Hero DEF up by 1.5/3/6/12/30%

Expert Builder (Admin: permanent) Edit

Construction SPD up by 2/4/6/10/20%

Increase Infantry Brigades (Admin: permanent) Edit

Increase Infantry Brigades deployed by 1/2/3/4/6

Armoured Infantry (Commander: conditional) Edit

Increase Infantry DEF by 2.5/5/10/20/50%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Stats Edit

Stat Level Value
Hit points 1 742
Physical attack 1 21
Physical defence 1 107
Magical defence 1 49
Critical rate 1 0 %
Block rate 1 1,03 %
Critical Damage 1 10 %
Block value 1 10 %

Skins Edit

Metal King Edit


Rogue Edit


“Gargantor believed in absolute justice. But the politics of Anthropos prevented him from carrying out the necessary reforms. He had given up on his ideals, until a fateful encounter... Gargantor was on an expedition when his train was assaulted. He fought valiantly until he blacked out, consumed by fatigue. He awoke deep within a forest, with an elderly hermit standing over him. The hermit handed him a set of enchanted equipment and said, "Laws don't protect justice. Justice protects the law." and disappeared. The words inspired Gargantor. The king must be bound by the law; he can break free of the binds, but not as the king. Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.”

Passive Skin Skills

Blessed Infantry: Increase Infantry HP by 2.5/5/10/20/50%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

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