Flamehammer shield

Race: Dwarven

Symbols: War axes, anvils

Clan Troops: Infantry

A dwarven Clan with a long history, great at all kinds of crafting; upholds crafting traditions and unique dwarven techniques. The dwarven identity is under pressure from the changing world, but dwarven children are expected to take up their parents’ craft, and combined with rigid social rules, the result is that this old and dignified Clan has fallen upon hard times.

Aside from smithing, the dwarves are also great at construction. With centuries of mining experience under their belts, they are adept at making efficient use of tight spaces, and are extremely meticulous at cutting stones into blocks of very exact sizes. These blocks are then used to build sturdy communication tunnels in the mines.

The Flamehammers have the deepest respect for their ancestors, who built all the tunnels of the kingdom - an undertaking that has taken generations. Tunnels have to be sturdy, take a lot of effort to build, and have to withstand the weight of the mountain. The dwarves carve and display dwarven statues throughout the kingdom to pay their respects, and to hope that the ancestors will continue to bless and support their kingdom.

Building StyleEdit

Stone buildings, simple designs in polygonal shapes, dwarven statues.

Main CitiesEdit

Central: Rocky Fort

Trade Hub: Ironwork City


Allies with Kingsdor

Only has trade relations with Steambeards -- the Airship industry is booming and Flamehammer economy has taken a toll, so sometimes the Flamehammers would get into a fight with the Steambeards. The trigger is usually the contempt the aristocrats have for the dwarven merchants that have forsaken the traditional ways.

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