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Regular and Hell Events are Periodic Events that are always available for you to complete. They set a goal, which changes every three hours (in the case of the regular event) or one hour (in the case of the hell event), and you must complete it in order to gain a series of prizes.

Those goals are always development (construction and diplomacy), training or research, or more than one of those at a time combined in some way.

The prizes and goals of an event depends on your Castle level. The higher your castle level, the better the prize, but harder to meet the goals. That's one of the main reasons why you should not rush your Castle level if you are far behind other things in your City, because you won't be able to achieve the goals when they get harder.

After you complete the goal, you can compete with other players for Rank Rewards. The player from that gets the most points will win the first prize, the next will take second place and so on. The players compete within their Castle level, ie, players of castle 25 compete with players of castle 25. The Rank Rewards are a competition across all Kingdoms.

The Event Tasks can be:

  • Development
Raise Your Building Might (1 point)
Raise Your Diplomacy Might (1 point)
  • Training
Train a Grade 1 Soldier (1 point)
Train a Grade 2 Soldier (2 point)
Train a Grade 3 Soldier (5 point)
Train a Grade 4 Soldier (15 point)
  • Research
Raise Your Tech Might (1 point)
  • Development + Training
  • Research + Training
  • Development + Research
  • Development + Research + Training
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