Engage in Trades and Raise Diplomacy Friendship Levels Edit

Take note of the diplomat with a floating Scroll or Exclamation Mark icon standing in front of the bridge towards your castle (BUT WHERE IS THIS??). This diplomat presents clan diplomacy requests in the form of needed items you need to provide to earn friendship points, might and Event points. You need to complete campaign chapters and raise your Castle level to unlock other Clans diplomacy. For starters, ensuring that you continuously grant the Diplomacy Items requested items will reward you with tech, and it is a very important thing to increase resource production and storage, infirmary capacity and barracks training speed or capacity.

You can improve your diplomacy levels until level 25.

Switch TechEdit

Diplomacy print

Switching tech is a feature that allows you to choose what will be the bonus you will get from your diplomacy friendship levels. Here are the options:

Switch Tech

Civil Development Military Development

Hourly Stone Production

City Stone Storage

Infirmary Healing Capacity

Hourly Wood Production

City Wood Storage

Barracks Training Speed Capacity

Hourly Food Production

City Food Storage

Barracks Training Speed

Hourly Gold Production

City Gold Storage

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