Cynthea Edit

”After the war with the demons, the first to learn magic were the elves, and they were the earliest spellcasters.

These spellcasters were guided by the Ancient Dragons, and they used the magic of nature to heal the war torn land.

To thank the spellcasters for their work, the elves built a resting place for them where they could go to sleep and recover their magical powers. Cynthea was one of those spellcasters.

Time went by, and when the elves discovered the Eternal Crystal, they became obsessed with experimentation and forgot about the resting place.

When the crystal exploded, the blast sent many of the spellcasters into eternal sleep, but luckily, Cynthea only suffered some minor damage, and several centuries later, she awakened...

Looking around, she realised that she had slept for a very long time indeed, and she ventured out of the woods to see the land that she saved ages ago...”

Active Skills Edit

Raging Thorns (Army Skill) Edit

  • Deal DMG to target equal to 105/110/120/140/200% of Brigade ATK.

Earthly Trap (Combat Skill) Edit

  • A hardy trap weaved out of enchanted vines. Deals 26% magic DMG to all targets within range, decrasing targets' physical DEF and magic DEF by 5/10/15/20/30%. Effect last for 3 seconds.

Passive Skills Edit

Barrage (Hero: permanent) Edit

  • Hero ATK up by 3/5/7/12/20%

Blessed Ranged (Commander: conditional) Edit

  • Increase Ranged HP by 2.5/5/10/20/50%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Deadly Ranged (Commander: conditional) Edit

  • Increase Cavalry ATK by 1.5/3/6/12/30%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Deadly Army (Commander: conditional) Edit

  • Increase Army ATK by 1/2/4/8/20%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Stats Edit

Stat Level Value
HP 1 466
Magic ATK 1 52
Physical defence 1 72
Magic defence 1 82
MAgic DEF PEN 1 21
CRIT Rate 1 0,07 %
Block Rate 1 0 %
CRIT DMG 1 10 %
Block Amount 1 10 %


Queen GaiaEdit

Cynthea 2
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