What is Bug? Edit

Some people called bug as glitch.As you know if we update game without uninstalling,File system from previous version will overwrite,replace,add and delete for newer version working(because that sometimes it become conflict and error to Application read data properly and become bug)

How to fixed Bug?(not working to all bug) Edit

Solution 1 Edit

  1. open phone setting
  2. looking for Apps/Application
  3. Find Mobile Royale (press force close)
  4. click on it and press button storage or anything like that
  5. press button clear data(this will remove all data including game progress if not binding with any email or facebook) you need to download extra file data again(obb)for android
  6. after that,press clear cache

Solution 2 Edit

  • just uninstall game and install again(that can avoid data will be overwrite,replace,delete or add)

Solution 3 Edit

  • contact our GM using Live Support (please prepared some screenshot/picture for evidence)

Solution 4 Edit

Solution 5 Edit

  • email to us(please prepared some screenshot/picture for evidence)
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