A warlike race that has a simple hierarchy based on strength; various errands are carried out by the cunning goblins; the things they use and craft are generally of pretty crude construction.

Legend says that the beastkin once slew a giant demon, and used its carcass to establish their civilization. Their lore says that they inherited their strength via consuming the demon’s flesh and blood, and they believe that they can gain more strength in similar ways. And that is why they often collect grisly war trophies.

The beastkin idolize strength, and also use strength to determine their power hierarchy. Hence, even if there are no external wars to fight, they would still have their internal conflicts. Their rulers are constantly challenged by others eager to take their places, but the rulers themselves are more than happy to accept the challenges. And thus, only the strong can rule over the weak.

The beastkin’s central city is constructed out of the carcass of the giant demon. The carcass remains sturdy despite having endured the harsh desert climate for thousands of years.

Populates: Wastelands, grasslands, wasteland valleys, deserts

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