"A joint project between the Moonseeker archmage and Steambeard engineers, these crystal-powered, metal creatures were supposed to replace conventional troops as fearless and resilient soldiers. However, the golems could not understand commands and destroy everything in sight, even themselves. The project was abandoned, and the golems were dumped in a pit. After an unknown period of time, one of the golems was powered up and dug its way out. It observed the creatures of the forest and learned of them. It soon found more interesting subjects to observe: the villagers of Vollandia. Initially the villagers were wary of it because of its appearance, but over time they warmed up to it and named the golem 'Atlas'. Atlas' favorite pastime was to linten to the bards sing about the heroic deeds of the knights at the inn. When the flames of war reached the village, Atlas knew he had to protect his home."

Active Skills

Irion Spin (Army Skill)

Deal DMG to target equal to 105/110/120/140/200% of Brigade ATK.

Heavy Metal (Combat Skill)

Reduce physical DEF and magic DEF of all targets by 10/13/16/20/25%

Passive Skills

Bastille (Hero: permanent)

Hero DEF up by 3/6/12/18/30%

Food Production (Admin: permanent)

Food production up by 25/50/75/125/250%

Increase Cavalry Brigades (Admin: permanent)

Increase Cavalry Brigades deployed by 1/2/3/4/6

Armored Army (Commander: conditional)

Increase army DEF by 1.25/2.5/5/10/25%. Effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense.


Stat Level Value
Hit points 1 720
Physical attack 1 33
Physical defence 1 82
Magical defence 1 57
Critical rate 1 0 %
Block rate 1 0,85 %
Critical Damage 1 10 %
Block value 1 10 %


Arcane Golem

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