Aferlex Edit

”The Dwarves love treasure, and built a hidden vault to store it.

Aferlex sensed their greed, and stole the treasure. The dwarves suspected one another, fought, and villages were destroyed.

Treasure is a useful tool for manipulating mortals, and conflict is a delicious feast to Aferlex.

The dwarves then constructed a special room, and filled it with gems.

One night, demonic smoke swirled into the room, and the trap was sprung, and a wolf-like being appeared within a cage of lightning.

The cage failed to restrain Aferlex, and he killed the surrounding dwaves, save for two crafters who had hidden themselves.

They consulted the Dragons on anti-demon techniques and spent decades building a tomb as a trap. They set up the Flamehammer clan, and placed treasure in the tomb.

When Aferlex got caught, the crafters warned their descendants to keep the tomb runes safe.

However, during the great war, many of the runes were destroyed.

And now, a furious canine demon has been released..."

Active Skills Edit

Dark Illume (Army Skill) Edit

  • Deal DMG to equal to 105/110/120/140/200% of Brigade ATK to target.

Ring Killer (Combat Skill) Edit

  • Gathers the mysterious power of dark light, increasing Hero and friendly troops physical ATK by 2/4/6/10/25%. Also spins at high speed towards its target, dealing 53% physical DMG upon contact.

Passive Skills Edit

Barrage (Hero: permanent) Edit

  • Hero ATK up by 3/5/7/12/20%

Armored Infantry (Commander: conditional) Edit

  • Increase Infantry DEF by 2.5/5/10/20/50%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Blessed Infantry (Commander: conditional) Edit

  • Inceease Infantry HP by 2.5/5/10/20/50%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Deadly Infantry (Commander: conditional) Edit

  • Increasy Infantry ATK by 1.5/3/6/12/30%; effect activated when player initiates an attack or defense

Stats Edit

Stat Level Value
Hit points 1 571
Physical attack 1 53
Physical defence 1 62
Magical defence 1 69
Critical rate 1 1.21 %
Block rate 1 0 %
Critical Damage 1 10 %
Block value 1 10 %



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