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Admin researching does wonders for gathering, keeping resources safe, construction, and so on. This type of research is greatly needed if a player wishes to attain resources in efficient amounts of time. These resources are needed, in order to start new researches and buildings, and they quicken the process of getting needed resources, and building, as stated above.

Available Research Edit

Masonry I
Quarry Works
Quarry Works Forestry Agriculture
Trade Quantity
Trade Quantity I
Vault Management
Vault Management I
Load Bearing
Resource Gathering
Load Bearing I Resource Gathering I
Trade Speed
Trade Speed I
Food Storage
Food Storage I
Stone Storage
Wood Storage
Stone Storage I Wood Storage I
Gold Storage
Artisanal Gold
Gold Storage I Artisanal Gold I
Harvest Travel
Harvest Travel I
Vault Management
Vault Management II Masonry II
Crystal Gathering
Crystal Gathering
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