This is a pack that can be bought montly in the store. You will receive 1/30 of the items in the pack per day, during 30 days. After this period, you can buy the pack again. When you have bought a 30-day support pack you will also get benefits besides the items, as Montly Card Bonus at the Arena and Special Event Bonus, as in the Rally Party.

10$ PackEdit

  • 800 Crystals x30
  • Energy Rock x30
  • Cobalt Gelt x60
  • Research Speed Up 60m x320
  • Training Boost 60m x 120
  • Speed Up 60m x120
  • Stamina 5,000 x120
  • Epic Trade Chest x90
  • Rare Trade Chest x90
  • Village Teleport x60
  • Rare Material Chest x60
  • 200k Goldx60
  • 2m Food x60
  • 400k Stone x60
  • 500k Wood x60
  • [Uncommon] Gift Pack x1 (available for all guild members)
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